Thursday, October 20, 2011

Compare and Contrast Essay: Reality T.V to high school

Compare and Contrast Essay: Reality Tv  shows to high school

One can mistakenly confuse the difference between reality T.V shows to  high school. They both involve inhuman beings and most of the time drama is being associated to it .  Reality shows are often  about celebrities and their inside life while high school is an experience that everyone goes through . The both come with its ups and downs but the big difference is that one is televised and sometimes scripted while high school is the real deal.
            T.V channels such as VH1 and MTV have all had their different types of reality shows . We can all agree that Flavor of Love was the father of all reality shows . It gave us insight into the life of the rapper and the women that are trying to wi his heart over . All through the years we have seen so many types of reality shows. From  romance reality shows to contest shows , we have seen it all . This shows are sometimes scripted so as to win many  viewers and also popularity .  The latest T.V show now is Jersey shore and I must say , the ratings are high up . Also in most reality shows , the  host is usually paid per episode and he fees can increase depending on how much the fans love the show .
            High school is something that everyone goes through but the best part is it’s experience. The drama that comes with high school is suppose to help in molding the person . In high school , everything is real . From girlfriend problems to  having a problem with the dean , it’s all real life instances. High school comes with it’s   own fun and sadness . In high school , there is the popular crowd and also the nerds. You hanged with certain people and everyone had their own clique .  People often see high school as the first step to adult hood .
            Reality shows are mostly designed to entertain its audience. It has its flaws and also can contain a turning point . They usually feature celebrities who wants to tell their business to the whole world and most of the time they are getting paid for it . Different reality shows talk about different things such as relationship, or contest . Reality shows are &70% fake and 30% real . High school  on the other hand is a process that everyone goes through . Everything about it is real and none of it is scripted . Also in High school , things just flow naturally unlike in a reality show  were the director controls everything .

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